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xocrystalnicole / The Journey  / Don’t Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved (A Proverb)

Don’t Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved (A Proverb)

Initially, when I started this blog, it was a place for me to highlight my own journey to self-discovery and self-love. It was also a place for me to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way so that someone would benefit from my experiences without having to go through all that I did. Now, the focus has shifted slightly, but at the core, this will always be a place of safety, vulnerability, and healing for me, and for those who connect with me.

Being available to offer advice to women who are going through transitions in their lives, whether that be relationships, career, family, or anything, is rewarding for me and I love doing it. In being an empath and connecting with other women who have faced trauma on different levels, it’s important for me to empower women and remind them that they have the ability to save themselves, heal themselves, and revive themselves as often as they need to.

My mission is always to be a friend, to provide a safe place where someone feels comfortable enough to be open and vulnerable, most for the first time in their life, and to offer guidance that will help them move forward. More importantly, my intent is never to give you the answers but to help you find the answers yourself. It is in that process that you realize you have the power to fix the things you feel are broken in your life. You don’t need the validation of anyone else, and you don’t need anyone to confirm what you already know. Learning to trust yourself, your intuition, and your spiritual guidance is key to reclaiming your power.

Many women (men, too) are looking for answers to their problems externally. They’re looking for answers in sex, a partner, friendships, work, food, drugs, alcohol, etc. when all that provides is temporary relief. What you’re searching for outside of yourself has been within you all along, you just didn’t bother to look there, and that’s what I help you discover.

For other women, they don’t want the answers, they want the attention. They thrive on the attention and care they receive when they’re having issues—issues they most likely caused. They enjoy being the damsel in distress and having their knight in rusty shining armour save them. You know the type. The ones who are always complaining about something or someone. The ones who post all their problems on social media, but then never want to talk about it.

The ones who are always the victim and never the one with the issue.

Yeah, those.

Those are the ones who don’t really want to be saved. They may ask for help, but they don’t really want it. What they want is to be coddled and to be told that everyone else is at fault and they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Those are the ones you can’t help. At least not until they’re ready to come back to reality and take responsibility for their own actions. And, when or if that happens, I’ll be here to assist. In the meantime, if you know someone like this, save your energy for those who really want to be saved, not the ones who just want attention.


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