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Crystal Nicole is an empath whose superpower is helping people discover the internal qualities needed to solve or restore any external problem or relationship. With a background in psychology, she leans on her interpersonal skills to guide “strong” women who often neglect their mental and emotional health for the well-being of others. Crystal provides a safe space and actionable self-help tips for her clients to move their lives in the direction of their goals.

Through our life experiences, character is built, resilience is bred, and evolution occurs”
-Crystal Nicole

Crystal has a knack for empowering women to be the motivation behind their own survival stories. She emotionally connects to those who have faced trauma on multiple levels and prides herself on the trust built with each client relationship—which opens the door to helping more women who may be suffering in silence. Crystal works as a change agent for those who are struggling to find their life’s purpose using transparency, vulnerability, and self-discovery as the tools to frame her business. In her words, “the healing process is not one size fits all.”

If you’re looking for traditional therapy results with a non-traditional approach, then xoCrystalNicole is here to help you channel your emotions on every plane, as we are all multidimensional people.