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The Burden Of One-sided Relationships

There is an epidemic of one-sided relationships. Relationships void of reciprocation, give and take, and collaboration. These relationships are burdensome, and they appear in any type of relationship. Whether it’s a friendship, business partnership, intimate relationship, and yes, even familial relationships, many women are carrying the weight of a relationship, or many relationships, on their back. For any relationship to work, there has to be teamwork, collaboration, and a willingness from both (or all) parties to...

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Plant Your Seeds On Fertile Ground

Many of you are sitting on seeds that are plentiful—the kind that will produce a bountiful harvest. The problem? You’re too afraid to fail, too afraid to try, too afraid to do the work. Farming is not a glamorous job in the least, but it’s necessary. It’s a source of food and nourishment for people, and what you have to offer, that bridled passion you’re sitting on because you’re afraid, is nourishment for other people....

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How I Mastered Social Media Algorithms

So, we’re in the third month of 2018 and I don’t believe I’ve posted anything new on the blog. I could say I’ve been uninspired, preoccupied, working behind the scenes, etc., but that wouldn’t be the truth. Not completely anyway. Part of me shudders when I think about not constantly creating new content for those who follow my blog or even follow my social media pages. Social media gurus will tell you that you need to...

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This Has Changed My Life

It’s my birthday! Today, I am twenty-six, and I’m so grateful to be alive and well and able to experience another year of life. As I reflected over the last couple years of my life, the growth has been amazing, and it has brought me to a place I didn’t ever think I’d be in, and for that, I’m grateful. For many of us, we have our lives planned out of the things we want to accomplish by...

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