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You Need This Kind Of Friend In Your Circle

Eventually, we grow up and our goals and desires for our life change. Going to the club every weekend, and being on every scene stops being important. We start focusing on building credit, making money, establishing ourselves, and starting a family, and that’s okay. Evolution is needed, and to evolve and reach new heights, you have to cut people off who have been holding you back....

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cardi b

Cardi B Is Winning And You’re Not- Here’s Why

We spend a lot of time talking about our season and our year and our time, but we rarely (if ever) talk about the opposite. The truth of the matter is, not every moment, week, month, year or season is ours. Sometimes we have to sit on the sideline and clap for everyone else who is experiencing their time. Cardi B is the perfect example. This year has been her year. This is her season. This is her...

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