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Your Gift Won’t Be Packaged The Way You Expect

We’re halfway through the 12 Days of Crysmas and today’s tip is one that has been the most useful for me this year. Perhaps it’ll resonate with you in the same way.

Day Six: Be Open to Change

Our intentions have been set, we’re doing the work, and we’re patiently waiting for the desires of our heart to manifest in our life, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Or, it’s not happening in the way we expected it to happen.

None of us have full control over what happens in our life; we are at the discretion of the Universe. While the Universe will work to give us everything we want, at times, the gift comes in a package we weren’t quite expecting, so we miss out.

We set intentions on getting a relationship, a job, a house, or whatever it is we desire, but it doesn’t always look the way we envisioned. Perhaps the person who has all the qualities you’re looking for isn’t tall, dark, and handsome. Or maybe the job you wanted is everything you wanted, but you have to move and leave a familiar place behind.

Quite honestly, you’re not going to get the things you want exactly the way you want them. They’re going to look different, they’re going to require that you let go of something so you have the space to carry this new thing you’ve asked for, and it’s going to be uncomfortable. Be open to all of these things because it is the only way you get the things you desire.

The end of this year has been the biggest plot twist ever, and it’s a result of the things I asked for. It looks nothing like what I expected because, let’s be honest, who honestly envisions struggle when they’re thinking about manifesting greater things?

The more open you are to receiving things in an unorthodox way, the better equipped you are to handle the things that are thrown your way.

What’s the highlight of your year?

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