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How To Heal A Broken Heart

Letting go isn’t one size fits all. While some can let go, move on, and heal their broken heart in seemingly no time at all, for others, it’s a process—it’s your process. People tend to sweep their feelings under the rug, mask it, self-medicate, or bury it so deep they forget its existence, but no matter how much you try to cover it up, it’s still there.

Still hurting, still bleeding, still waiting for you to care for it.

As difficult as it may be, you must acknowledge what hurts, why it hurts, and determine how to alleviate the pain. If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes our broken hearts and hurt feelings are nothing more than bruised egos and a hit to our confidence. Whatever the reason is, you’ll never find it if you’re not honest with yourself. If you can’t be open, honest, and vulnerable with yourself, who can you be vulnerable with?

In dealing with my past hurts, not just from people I was in romantic relationships with, but even friends and family, I’ve learned that there’s no time limit on the grieving process. And, yes, letting go of people is a grieving process. While they may still be alive, removing someone from your life takes a toll on you, especially when you’ve given your time, your energy, and your love to said person. There will be people who will tell you to get over it, or even try to make you feel bad for not moving on as quickly as they feel you should, but they’re wrong. Deal with your hurt on your time and in your own way, as long as it moves you in the right direction. Do not drown in your sorrow. Do not allow your emotions to swallow you whole. You have control over your emotions, and you only have two options: sink or swim.

I’ve made the mistake of trying to force myself to get over things and people, only to find myself in similar situations with new people. It was then that I realized the common denominator was me. Not that I was the only problem, but that my unwillingness to feel the pain and grow from it created new experiences that brought that bruise to the forefront of my mind and heart so I could look at it, clean it, and heal it. If you’ve found yourself making this error, don’t make it again or you’ll continue to run into the same kind of people who treat you the same way until you deal with the bruises you’ve put a band-aid on but did not inspect and clean first.

Life has a funny, yet, sometimes painful way of making sure you don’t forget those things you thought you buried. You cannot hide from yourself. You cannot get away from yourself. Face those bruises, inspect them, clean them, and allow them to heal. You owe yourself that much.

If you’re ready to heal and move past this pain, grab this guide. Included are all the tools I used to get over my first heartbreak, and the affirmations I used to remind myself who I was.


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