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how to become successful

How To Become Successful — The Only Tip You Need

There are so many guides, books, and coaches that will show you how to become successful, but this is truly the only tip you need.


In both personal and business matters, I’ve always hesitated to do things because I have an incessant need to have everything “together” before doing something. I put off dating because I wanted to make sure I was “perfect” before putting myself on the market. In business, I’ve held off on making moves because I wanted to be fully prepared before I did anything. I’m a chronic overthinker, so in thinking of all that could go wrong, I try to be ready for any obstacles ahead of time. In theory, that’s an entirely logical way to think. Wanting to have everything together, and preparing for the unexpected is great, but sometimes, it will keep you complacent. Sometimes we—by we, I really mean me, but maybe someone relates—use this as an excuse to not go for the things we want.

Trying to be “ready” will cause you to miss opportunities. You will never be ready for anything that happens to you in life. You’ll never be ready to be a parent, to take that job, to start that business, to date that person, to do anything. Sometimes, you just have to leap, and clean things up along the way. Whether it’s dating, a job, a business, whatever, sometimes you have to set aside the need to have it all together and jump. Jump high, dive deep, and get back up if you fall.

When it came to going for this opportunity, I found myself making excuses for why I shouldn’t make that leap. Maybe I should wait until I build a larger following. Maybe I should wait until I write that one post I felt was good enough to be submitted. Maybe, just maybe…

But I had to do it. I had to get out of my head and stop talking myself out of the things I want to do simply because I’m afraid.

I had to stop talking myself out of things that were meant for me.

At this very moment, someone somewhere is talking themselves out of doing the very thing that was meant for them. They’re talking themselves out of their purpose—out of the one thing they were put here to do. And, maybe that person is you. Maybe you’ve tried every other tool out there and have picked up every book that promised to show you how to become successful, but you haven’t tried this yet.

You have to stop being afraid to jump. It was nerve-racking doing something I didn’t think I was quite ready to do, but I had to stop being afraid.

Afraid to fail. Afraid to be rejected. Afraid…that it could actually work.

And that was what I feared most: it actually working out.

Sounds crazy, but not only do people fear failing, they fear winning as well.

Despite what I felt, thought, or wanted to avoid, I did it. The worst that could happen was to be denied, and even then, it simply meant not now, and that was something I could live with.

Make an effort to do something you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s applying for that job, starting a business, or asking that person on a date. You’ll never know the outcome if you never try, and you will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

One of the books that really put this into perspective for me was 101 Essays that Will Change the Way You Think. It is such an insightful book, and I would not recommend it if I didn’t love it.


  • Carol Xiomara Arias

    I definitely relate to this. Especially afraid of it working out. Thank you for this.

  • Ngumabi

    You are so right!
    I am also one of those people who wants things to be perfect before making any step
    But I realised it’s better to start and then correct your errors as you go

  • Bridgid

    Yes to all of this! I’m a perfectionist and can often times get caught up in all the little details of being ready and having things perfect before I even get anything started.

  • Toni

    This is so true. In life we are always waiting for when the time is right. But is there ever truly a right time? There’s no time like the present!!!

    Great read.

  • Kat

    I too can relate and do not subscribe to literature for a fix to all things wrong in life. I know of a friend that wants children but also wants the perfect man, the full bank account, the house, the career. Life will not hand you a plate of perfection, it’s okay if you don’t have it all together but are happy.

  • Tisha

    This was so refreshing and encouraging to read- I always believed I was alone in my fear of winning! Great read!

  • Tione

    I clearly understand. A lot of times I ask myself when will I be ready to do this or that but the thing is you will never know until you try. The longer you wait the older you get. If you’re going to do it then just do it now.

  • Terri

    I felt like this post was written for me. I’ve definitely done this in the past – overthink everything so nothing got done. Now my motto is, “start before you’re ready”

  • Tonia

    I stay in my head and need to make that leap often. My problem is wondering if my work or whatever is good enough.

  • Zuqueta Brown

    Now I absolutely needed this today. I have been contemplating a life changing decision that I KNOW I need to make because I was trying to have everything “ready”. Thank you for sharing this and the book I need to get it today!

  • Kirstin Fuller

    Thank you! I so needed this kick in the butt to do this one thing I’ve been putting off. You’re so right! I need jump in, do it and clean things up along the way if needed. Thanks again!

  • Nanekia Ansari

    Can definitely relate. I overthink all the time, then ultimately just go for it.

  • Eva Wilson

    Great post. Some people don’t realize that your fear of success can be greater than your fear of failure.

  • Bernetta

    Great message. I am also going to look into the book you recommended. You are right, people are actually afraid that they might succeed. We just have to do it afraid sometimes.

  • Mimi Green

    I had to learn to “do it afraid”. I am totally that girl that gets in her own way. I let fear stop me from doing and trying. I still need the reminder, so thank you.

  • Kiwi

    So the tip is really don’t be afraid to jump. I think taking risks and leaps are what makes people successful so great tip.

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