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Plant Your Seeds On Fertile Ground

If a farmer wants to have a successful harvest, they have to know everything it takes to achieve this goal. They must be aware of the soil, the crops, the weather, how much water is needed, etc. They see this process through from beginning to end, and if they’re smart, they utilize the lessons from the previous harvest, so they understand what not to do this time around.

The problem with a lot of people is that, unlike the farmer, they don’t do their own research, they don’t see projects through until completion, and instead of taking lessons from the past so now they understand what not to do, they dwell on the past, ignoring the lessons they were supposed to gain.

Many of you are sitting on seeds that are plentiful—the kind that will produce a bountiful harvest. The problem? You’re too afraid to fail, too afraid to try, too afraid to do the work. Farming is not a glamorous job in the least, but it’s necessary. It’s a source of food and nourishment for people, and what you have to offer, that bridled passion you’re sitting on because you’re afraid, is nourishment for other people. People need what you have to offer, but your lack mentality, your lack of ambition, your desire to want to play it safe is keeping you stuck and is starving the collective.

Like planting seeds and crops, having a child (planting a seed) is not an easy task. It’s not something that happens quickly. Before a child even enters the world, there are months of pregnancy, and many hours of labor once it is time for a child to make their entrance. Even then, it’s just the beginning. Now, as parents, you have the rest of your life to nurture and care for this seed that was planted. As a parent, you care for this seed, your child, for their entire life. Though they will become adults and you may no longer have to provide financially (Hallelujah, right?!), nurturing and caring for them is a job that never ends.

The reason so many people aren’t successful is because they’re ready to quit as soon as something doesn’t go the way they want it to go. They’re ready to throw in the towel when the seeds they planted don’t produce a harvest. But, that’s when you keep going. Those are your lessons, so the next time you lay seeds, you know to better examine the ground you’re planting them in. Sometimes it isn’t the crops that are the problem; it’s where you’re laying them. Perhaps your seeds (time, energy, effort) are being planted in the wrong area and they’re not taking root.

Stop giving up on yourself, on your dreams, on your passion because your harvest hasn’t come yet. See those seeds through, and if the storms of life destroy those crops, plant new ones. Be resilient. Be steadfast. Whatever you do, stop quitting on yourself!


  • Vanessa

    Beautifully written directly to me.

  • Sheena Steward

    This was definitely a word!!! We must research things before jumping into them but on the other hand like you said there’s a point when we just have to go for it. There’s so much talent/ideas that aren’t being utilized.

  • Lia World Traveler

    I totally agree, we can’t jump blindly into things.nresearch and patience are key. Thank you for this post.

  • Jay Colby

    This is a great piece of writing. I agree wholeheartedly that jumping into things without doing the proper research.

  • K. Elizabeth

    As my mom as always reminds me, anything worth dreaming about is worth putting the effort into until you accomplish it. This year my biggest goal has been to stop talking myself out of reaching my dreams. I’m doing my research, planting the seeds, and tending to them. We can’t win if we quit or give up.

  • Kita

    I use to live like this. With my husband’s unexpected death, I realized how much I needed to plant the seeds of growth, financial stability and a solid foundation for myself and my children.

  • Toiia L. Rukuni

    I believe in planting good seeds for a plentiful harvest! I think that you should grow where you are planted and to just keep growing!

  • Stacie

    Planting the right seed in the right ground will make or break your results. It’s all about having patience though.

  • Sheena

    Yes, we forget the fertilizer! We’re basically plants with more complicated emotions, lol.

  • Kiwi

    I love this analogy. We have to plant seeds to get the fruits of our labor!

  • Elle (Cleverly Changing)

    This post was spot on in this season of my life. When you wrote, “See those seeds through, and if the storms of life destroy those crops, plant new ones. Be resilient. Be steadfast, ” I had to soak in every word. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  • Katherine G

    I love this post. Makes feel like I want to go work on something right now. I’m always trying to work on my dreams.

  • Tata

    This came right on time! In the past I have been av horrible procrastinator and as ice gotten older I now know that it’s because I don’t plant and fertilize my ideas and ambitions. Thanks so much for this post I feel like its holding me accountable.

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