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How I Mastered Social Media Algorithms

So, we’re in the third month of 2018 and I don’t believe I’ve posted anything new on the blog. I could say I’ve been uninspired, preoccupied, working behind the scenes, etc., but that wouldn’t be the truth. Not completely anyway.

Part of me shudders when I think about not constantly creating new content for those who follow my blog or even follow my social media pages. Social media gurus will tell you that you need to produce content continuously. Keep your followers engaged. Post daily. Create. Create. Create. But, I’m a bit of a rebel, I suppose.

I follow the beat of my own drum and I made the decision that I wouldn’t be a machine who continuously puts out work just for the sake of doing it. I realized that I’m not the typical blogger—I honestly don’t even consider myself to be a blogger.

The work I do is different, and because of this, it’s not automatic or mass produced. The words that I write aren’t my own. I’m simply a messenger, a vessel, a conduit used to deliver the message that needs to be heard by at least one person. So, I don’t feel bad when I’m not posting a blog every other day or on a routine schedule. I don’t feel bad for not posting at a specific time with aesthetically pleasing graphics on every social media platform to keep up with the algorithm that seems to change every three and a half blinks.

That isn’t my lane and I realize that. My algorithm is run by a Source much higher than anything in this earthly realm, so the people who need to see the message I share will see it. It’ll get to the right person at the right time every time without fail and I don’t have to worry about that.

For those of you who have become a slave to this way of life—perfect pictures, scheduled posts, well-written copy—I respect the hustle. But be kind to yourself. You’re human. You’re not meant to mass produce. Constantly pushing out work will lead to burn-out, and even worse, it causes some people to publish work simply for the sake of publishing.

Remember your why. Remember why you started this and let that drive you. Let that steer you. Remember that the people who need to see your work, your content, the very thing you work so hard on day in and day out will see it when they’re supposed to. Taking time off won’t stop that. Missing one post won’t diminish what you give to your audience when the work you put out is quality. Don’t lose your fire and passion for what you do because you’ve adapted someone else’s lane as your own. You owe that to yourself and your audience.


  • Vanessa Morgan

    Great content as usual

  • Terri

    This was a great message. Burnout is a real problem and I do think I experienced that in the past. I wish I was more consistent with my blog posts but I’m not, but like you said the important thing is to remember your why. I think I got that down on my blog, but when it comes to Instagram… not so much. I’m still struggling to find my groove with Instagram, but I trust I will.

  • Jeuelle

    Wow… This was SOOO needed today for me. It’s tough, even when following the path you know you are meant to be on, not to get caught up in the hustle.

  • Tisha

    Okay so God bless you because this is exactly what I needed to hear (read). I was going through a lot in my personal life and took a ‘break’, since I came back, I’ve realised that blogging just doesn’t give me the feeling it once did and my motivation is running out pretty quickly. Part of that is because as you’ve said, the nature of my blogs means that I can’t pump out posts like a machine, but this is a pressure I have placed on myself regardless. I was literally on the phone to a friend discussing how I was feeling about blogging and then I read this so THANK YOU! You may not post on a routine basis but this came just in time! Thank you for reminding me to be human!

  • Toni

    Great message! Yes you will get burnt out quickly and even experience writers block. We must take time in order to produce quality.

  • Antoinette Cain

    Perfectly stated. You definitely have to remain true to yourself. So many people frustrate themselves by trying to follow what works for others. Sounds like you have found your own lane. Awesome!

  • Nadeen

    I do believe you should write or blog when you feel inspired and feel you have something to share. Otherwise it doesn’t feel authentic. I enjoy blogging and try to post once a week but it can become stressful and exhausting so sometimes I take a break.

  • Leslie

    I love this…This is me to the TEE! I just never wrote it out but I have expressed this very message to others.

  • Stacie

    I feel you. Lately I’ve been embracing my own schedule as well instead of just putting out content because someone says to.

  • Kiwi

    I think a lot of people try to mass produce to get a “perfect social algorithm” but you are right we are HUMAN. So many people are obsessed with numbers and picture perfect content they are starting to become social machines or even slaves. I am glad you figured it out without massing producing like that.

  • Kasi

    This is a great post and so true! Sometimes I stress about the algorithm, but like you said, I have to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing, and who is in charge of it all!

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