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Social Media Has Ruined My Confidence

Social media has made it easy to compete with people we don’t know. It’s easy to compare what someone else has to what we have or don’t have, and even easier to become envious or discouraged because we haven’t quite “made it,” whatever that means.

Along with the external influences, I’ve also had to learn to deal with internal pressure. It has been said that we are our own worst critics, and this is definitely true for me. I’m hard on myself because I don’t want to be mediocre—I was not created to live in mediocrity. I never want to become complacent, stagnant, or to feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, which I feel, often.

As much as external factors can and do play a part in how we see ourselves, it is often what we think of ourselves that does the most damage. What we think and believe about ourselves is evident all around us, and as cliché as it may sound, what you think, you become. So, negative thinking only produces negative results, and when I find myself dealing with feelings of inadequacy, I have to check those thoughts immediately.

Pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself is needed. If no one else will motivate us to do more, create more, accomplish more, we have to be able to do so for ourselves. However, we also have to remember to be kind to ourselves. To love ourselves on the good days as well as the not so good days. To be proud of the smallest of things because they matter just as much as the big things.

Each day you decide to wake up and give life another try, you’ve accomplished something. Life can be difficult, and it can be almost suffocating at times, but deciding not to give up is a victory—one that should be celebrated.

And even in those moments of weakness, those moments we don’t readily share with others, learn to forgive yourself and love yourself through it. The narrative is frequently that we should forgive others, and we should, but we must also extend that same courtesy to ourselves.

You will make mistakes, and some you’ll make more than once, and that’s okay. We’re not striving for perfection only progression, but until you learn to offer yourself the same forgiveness you give to others, you’ll continue to hold that negative energy, preventing yourself from reaching the next dimension in your life.

If anyone deserves your forgiveness, it’s you.


  • Debra

    I sometimes lack confidence when it comes to my writing, even though I’ve been writing for years, have a degree in English, and used to teach writing! I see how other people’s blogs take off and I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’ve started and stopped writing, blogging, and posting online before due, in part, to me comparing myself to other people. I’ve learned to carve out my own lane, and it can be hard, but I’ve definitely been rebuilding confidence in myself and my abilities. Great post.

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