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Building Connections That Matter #SquadGoals

Today is day seven of the 12 Days of Crysmas, and today we’re talking about making the right connections.

Day Seven: Network, network, network

As we move into a new year, it’s vital that you start to think about the connections you want to make in 2018. These can be intimate connections, developing new friendships, strengthening family connections, or business connections. Whatever kind of connection you want to form, the work starts now.

I am an introvert to the core, so networking, going to gatherings, and anything that involves more than a couple of people is just too much for me.

However, to accomplish the things I want to achieve, I have to get out of my comfort zone and do things I’d rather not do.

We all know that having the right connections can get you in places you could only imagine, so it’s important to find your people, your tribe. The people you surround yourself with are critical to the success you will achieve. I always advise connecting with people who are in the position you want to be in. Someone who has gone through the process you may be just beginning and who can offer insight and guidance as you navigate through it.

It is also crucial for me to surround myself with people who have skills and strengths that I do not have. If I’m the smartest and the most skilled person in my circle, I’m in the wrong circle. What can I gain from those around me if I have more knowledge than they do? You want to befriend people who can help you grow, push you to be better, and ultimately, people who reflect your goals, morals, and beliefs. These do not have to be identical, but you should all be on the same path.

Find a mentor, apply for an internship, hire a coach, or join some of the groups on Facebook and elsewhere where you can connect with like-minded individuals.

To level up, the people around you will have to change. There’s no elevation without separation.

What connections are you looking to build in 2018?


  • Sheena Steward

    I really need to find my squad! This is all so true and something I struggled with this year. Hopefully I can find them next year because you need them in order to be very successful in life. Love this post!!!

  • Nanekia Ansari

    I am all about the connect! My squad has been the same for over 30+ years, but we have here and there added a few peeps that enhance our growth potential, financially, intellectually, and dramatically. I love connecting with new peeps and figuring out who is meant to stay and who needs to go.

  • Joanna

    It wasn’t until after college that I knew how important networking with others was. I rock with the same 4-5 people, but knowing a lot of people in different industries is useful to my business now and connecting others in and out their fields as well. Networking has helped in my career, businesses and friendship. It’s not good to do things alone. Learn to connect with others. It could push you to the next level.

  • Lia World Traveler

    Tribe/Squad is critical for work and play. Great reminder.

  • Kasi

    This is so true, and such sound advice! Networking has helped me immensely!

  • Carissa

    I need to do better in the networking department! I make great connections online but not many in person! I need to make more connections with the bloggers in Cleveland!

  • Eva Wilson

    I am looking to build connections with more local writers. I love the writing community, and it would be great to chat with people of like mind and ambition.

  • Kita

    I am building connections more with local businesses around me. Supporting their business with my presence and with my social media business.

  • Natasha

    Having a tribe is so important! It’s tough when you aren’t outgoing, but it’s still important! I’m almost forty and STILL building a tribe, because sometimes people may go or move away, and you need them more often than they can come. While my husband best friend have been with me for more than 20 years a piece, I still have a squad of folks who I’ve met as I’ve grown, and they are clutch!

  • Joyce Brewer

    I’m looking for more connections so I can speak and moderate more events. Love the idea of your theme.

  • Stacie

    I’m looking to do more networking in the new year, I’m not an introvert per se, but I am reserved in certain sistuations so it can be tough.

  • Mimi Green

    Networking comes easy for me because I’m a big extrovert. What I do need is a mentor. THat is at the top of my priority list.

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I wish networking was like a sixth sense and came naturally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and introverts will have to work very hard to follow through with it.

  • Bianca Dottin

    This is something that I’ve been working on lately. I would love to build more meaningful relations with bloggers and other business women.

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