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This Is Us: What I’ve Learned About Emotional Baggage

Aside from Lifetime Movie Network and Food Network, I hardly ever watch TV. However, Tuesday nights are all about This Is Us. I started watching after season one had already ended, but once I started, I was hooked. Season two has started, and I have to be honest, it started off a little slow for me, but it was probably needed to prepare my emotions for last night and next week’s episode.

If you watch the show, then you know it’s a tear-jerker, and last night definitely left me teary-eyed.

Kevin Pearson, who is the oldest of the Pearson children, has been dealing with a lot the last few episodes. He’s drinking more, taking more pain pills than needed, and it’s clear that he’s on a downward spiral. Last night, he got his first breakthrough, I believe. During the episode, we see a recap of different times in his life, and some of his old emotional wounds are being unveiled.

To me, he seems to hold a lot of resentment toward his father. There is animosity toward the fact that his father was an alcoholic, and I’m sure he felt neglected by him (and his mother) at times. He is the oldest child and the one who didn’t seem to get as much attention as the other two. Kate has struggled with her weight her entire life and their father worked overtime to build her self-esteem and lessen the blows from society and kids who may have teased her. Randall, who was adopted, and who is also the only black person in the family is overprotected by their mother. She wants to make sure Randall doesn’t feel left out and feels like part of the family. With their dad showing extra attention to Kate, and their mother showering Randall with more love and attention, there was no one who really focused their attention on Kevin.

It seems the animosity toward Jack, their father, is something Kevin never got to express fully before his dad passed away. It also seems that he hasn’t taken the time to grieve his death. When Kate mentions it, he becomes defensive and shuts down. He hasn’t taken the time to come to grips with the relationship he had with his father, and maybe he feels bad about not making amends before he died. Whatever it is, his unwillingness to confront these things and instead bury them are now coming out in his actions.

He goes through a list of all the things he’s accomplished and how he’s ruined every one of those chances and the universe still gives him more. It seems he’s also self-sabotaging because some part of him feels he doesn’t deserve these things. Though he goes after them, he eventually does something to ruin it before it gets too good.

Kevin also talks about people praising him even when he tells them they shouldn’t. They only see the famous Kevin or the athlete Kevin and not the Kevin who is in pain, as he shouted on the lawn. Not physical pain (though he may be experiencing some of that) but the emotional pain of carrying around this hurt for years.

It is so important that you assess the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying your entire life. Some people have been angry with people who have been dead for years. Some people are in new relationships and have yet to deal with the pain of your last relationship. There are people with a family of their own and they’re still upset about things their parents did or didn’t do when they were younger. You have to learn to cope and heal from those things or they will suffocate you. Maybe you’re like Kevin and you think no one sees you or no one cares, but someone does. I do.

Take care of yourself for yourself. You deserve that much.

If healing is what you want, you have to do the work. Grab your FREE copy of my eBook and start the process today. Alcohol is not the answer, drugs are not the answer, and taking your life is never the answer. You are needed.

Alcohol Abuse: https://www.aa.org/

Drug Abuse: https://www.na.org/

Suicide Prevention: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

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  • Boring Black Girl

    Omg! I love This Is Us! I totally get the whole holding on to old baggage (done real some we make up in our heads) and know first handed how it can literally distroy and disrupt your self esteem. This episode was especially emotional and relatable.

  • Travinna

    I have not watched this show but after reading this I may have to take a look! Sometimes we aren’t aware of the baggage we carry until it’s the huge elephant in the room that you can no longer walk around. Great advice!

  • Shanisha

    Man, this is soo good. I absolutely love This Is Us because its just real life stories without the drama of reality TV. And you are right, as people we have to forgive and heal from our past pain. If we stay in our past, we can’t fully enjoy the present.

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